European Hydralift Facial

Our Signature facial is the Hydralift treatment. We start you off with a hand cleanse and steam treatment, followed by gentle electronic scrubbing to clean pores and remove dead skin. The Hydralift facial is a "lifting" treatment, which includes the benefits of our Ultrasonic Technology. High frequency waves stimulate the facial muscles, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles by facilitating lymphatic drainage. The result is both smoothing and tightening of the face and neck skin. Additionally, this process shrinks pores, kills bacteria and drys blemishes. We follow this with a relaxation face massage, then apply a mask selected specifically for your individual skin type and requirements.


As you relax with your mask, your legs are placed in a Chi Machine for 15 minutes. The benefits of the Chi are huge. This Eastern Technology is excellent for the oxygenation and detoxification of the body. It aids blood circulation, massages muscular pain, and aids spinal alignment.

60 min $79.00

Price: $79.00


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